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Soft wash exterior cleaning is the perfect safe solution to keeping your home free from damage and looking amazing. House cleaning can be great if you are looking to sell your home and it can instantly improve the look of your home. It is also the most efficient and effective way to remove all moss, algae and other organic matter that accumulate and cause serious staining. Get the best exterior cleaning service in Simpsonville, South Carolina, with our skilled and hardworking team. Let our experts keep your home looking fresh and tidy for years.

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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is good looking, versatile and durable. However, maintenance is required to ensure
full durability. Our Simpsonville, South Carolina home cleaning service removes algae, moss, and other debris to make your home siding look like new again and keep it stronger for longer.

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Brick house

Washing brick is often overlooked and some might think that a little algae or moss can add personality to the home, but this is just not the case. Algae and moss can weaken all areas of the brick surface and in severe cases, release toxins into the surrounding air. Washing a brick house is important not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a maintenance and safety point of view.

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Hardie Board

Hardie board cleaning services are the ideal solution to remove all types of algae, dirt and grime from surfaces. Keep the exterior of your home in the best possible condition all year round, without damage and without discoloration and residue.

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When cleaning your home, it is important to choose the right company and not the one that can cause damage and other problems. Simpsonville’s #1 rated home cleaning provider puts customer satisfaction first. We use the best team of experienced workers, the right equipment and always the best methods to ensure that we never leave you with a job unsatisfied. At Parkers Pressure Washing we understand how important your opinion is to us and we really value every customer we have, so we do our best by providing high quality service every time

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House Washing Simpsonville SC

Parker did a FANTASTIC job on our house! Would definitely use his house washing service again! Recommending him to everyone I know!

Spencer Taylor

House Washing In Simpsonville SC

Parker rescued me at the last minute. The company I had scheduled to pressure wash my home, the gentleman came down with the flu and couldn't help me. I went to Angie's list, listed my job and time constraints, Parker responded and came out on his lunch break and got started. He was at my place at 7:00 am to finish the house washing job. Parker is professional, knowledgeable and very polite too. I highly recommend Parker for any type pressure washing or any other service he provides. While so many people sit back and wait for a handout Parker is taking care of business. Job very well done. Thank you Parker Hyatt.

Lynne Donehoo

House Washing Simpsonville

Parker did an excellent job on my home pressure washing the siding and gutters. His price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend his house washing service!

The Wonderful Life Of Dad

Frequently Asked Simpsonville House Washing Questions

No, soft washing is great for your home, including benefits such as stain removal, color restoration, thorough cleaning of dirt, moss, algae, and other debris that, when used correctly, will help preserve the life of your home’s exterior surface. The soft washing method keeps your home in top condition.
To keep your home safe, our house cleaning professionals use a soft washing cleaning method. We set our pressure washers on a low setting that effectively removes and cleans everything on the surface of your home.
In general, exterior cleanings should be done as often as necessary. For some people it may be only once a year, for others it may be several times a year. If you live in an area with extreme weather or where certain organic matter like moss and algae can attract to your home, you should do this more often. However, we will be happy to discuss your situation and give you practical advice on how many times a year you may need it.

We price exterior cleaning services in Simpsonville, SC based on factors such as the amount of work required, and the type of service required. However, we will always discuss pricing as soon as we have all the information we need, and we won’t start until we know the final price.

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